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    Freight Tiger is India’s largest software-enabled neutral freight network today. We have built an intelligent operating system, on-ground expertise, and a digital platform that together enhance every step of the logistics process. With our help, customers in traditional industries move material to their customers with full visibility, predictability and speed, all at lower cost. We do this through three products: 1. Cloud-based TMS (Transportation Management Software) & Visibility platform. 2. Freight Assignment platform to facilitate efficient freight procurement by Shippers via Logistics Service Providers. 3. Marketplace platform designed to seamlessly align demand and supply of trucks pan-india. We take pride in processing an impressive 4% of India’s total freight on our platform, serving a vast network of 400+ shippers, 1500+ logistics service providers (LSPs), across 90,000+ locations. Our exceptional clientele includes over 300 industry titans, among them Saint Gobain, Dalmia Group, JSW Steel, ITC, DHL, MRF, and Pernod Ricard. The potential is huge Software-led approaches can be the lever to transform existing assets in the industry and supercharge them to work more efficiently for all stakeholders. Essentially, our logistics system can become like a bullet train and Freight Tiger is laying down the tracks. We do this without disintermediating anyone, allowing us to build trust & facilitate collaboration across the value chain With such incredible backing and expertise, the company is strategically positioned to lead India's efforts in reducing logistics costs to under 10% of GDP from over 14%. The possibilities are truly endless.

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