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    Comprehensive WordPress Website Developer Course

    Master WordPress progressively, creating stunning blogs, websites, and e-commerce platforms to kickstart your online business journey.

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    • (4.3) Rating | 236,069 students
    Price : Rs 2,299
    Language : English | Spanish
    Duration : 8 Weeks | 1hour/day

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    Learn For Rs 2,299 Click Here course-pricing

    Comprehensive WordPress Website Developer Course

    Master WordPress progressively, creating stunning blogs, websites, and e-commerce platforms to kickstart your online business journey.

    What you'll learn

    • Crafting captivating blogs and impressive websites
    • Mastering the art of WordPress for website creation and troubleshooting
    • Effortlessly setting up domains and hosting
    • Seamlessly migrating your WordPress website with just a few clicks
    • Plus, a whole lot more!

    This Course Includes:

    • viedo-image 05 hours on-demand video

      tv-image Access on mobile and TV

    • writing 19 coding exercises

      certificate Certificate of completion

    • article 26 articles
    14 sections   55 lectures  4h 53m total length

    Requirement :
    • No prior knowledge of WordPress is necessary.
    • We'll provide comprehensive step-by-step instruction.
    • Basic computer literacy is beneficial.
    • Rest assured, all the tools we utilize are free of charge.
    Who This Course Is For :
    • Individuals eager to acquire WordPress skills.
    • Aspiring website, blog, and e-commerce site creators seeking a straightforward approach.
    • Entrepreneurs looking to kickstart their web design ventures.
    • Individuals aspiring to venture into web development.

    Description :

    Comprehensive WordPress Website Developer Course :

    Welcome to the ultimate WordPress course! This comprehensive program is carefully crafted to provide you with a strong foundation in WordPress, enabling you to construct both blogging and business websites from the ground up. We'll kick things off by acquainting you with the WordPress interface and its various elements, gradually progressing to the core principles of building a blog. You'll gain expertise in setting up WordPress on a local server, content creation and management, as well as search engine optimization techniques.

    Moving forward, we'll transition to the development of a business-oriented website using WordPress. This segment will encompass theme selection, customization, page and menu creation, sidebar integration, and the incorporation of crucial business functionalities like contact forms and social media links.
    Furthermore, we'll guide you through the process of migrating your website from a local environment to a live server. This entails instructions on site backup, restoration, file and database transfers, as well as tips to avoid common migration pitfalls.
    In addition, we'll demystify the domain and hosting setup process, ensuring you understand how to select the right domain and hosting provider, set up your domain and hosting, and seamlessly transfer your site between hosting providers.

    What sets this course apart is our commitment to delivering ongoing value. We continuously add new lectures based on student requests to keep you updated with the latest WordPress developments.
    Moreover, I personally engage with all student inquiries in the discussion section. So, if you have any questions or encounter challenges, don't hesitate to reach out—I'm here to provide assistance.

    Enroll today and elevate your WordPress proficiency to new heights!

    About The Course Creator :


    Shubham Saurav is an accomplished coder and app developer from India, known for his expertise in languages like Kotlin and JavaScript. With a passion for teaching and a substantial student following on Udemy, he excels in both practical application development and philosophical exploration, contributing significantly to the tech and education domains.

    Shubham Saurav

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