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    Master Microsoft Excel: From Novice to Expert in 2023

    Achieve Excel Mastery: From A to Z, Suitable for Excel 2013, 2016, 2019, and Office 365 Excel Users

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    • (4.6) Rating | 24,698 students
    Price : Rs 799
    Language : English
    Duration : 8 Weeks | 1hour/day

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    Master Microsoft Excel: From Novice to Expert in 2023

    Achieve Excel Mastery: From A to Z, Suitable for Excel 2013, 2016, 2019, and Office 365 Excel Users

    What you'll learn

  • Gain confidence in using Microsoft Excel for over 50+ real-world business scenarios
  • Apply advanced Excel skills to practical situations
  • Master advanced Excel formulas and their applications in various business contexts
  • Explore advanced formulas such as SUMIFS and WILD CARDS
  • Learn the art of Excel dashboarding and creating effective data visualizations
  • VLOOKUP, XLOOKUP, and Excel Pivot Tables
  • This Course Includes:

      viedo-image 05 hours on-demand video

      tv-image Access on mobile and TV

      writing 19 coding exercises

      certificate Certificate of completion

      article 26 articles
    12 sections   82 lectures  6h 28m total length

    Requirement :
    • Familiarity with the Excel Environment
    Who This Course Is For :
    • Novice Excel Users

    Description :

    Microsoft Excel :

    This comprehensive bundle includes essential topics for beginners, covering Excel formulas in various situations, pivot tables, Excel dashboarding, advanced charting, and provides over 20 practice sheets for hands-on learning. Elevate your Excel proficiency with our combined Advanced Excel and Excel Dashboarding Courses. Our expert-led training equips you with advanced formula knowledge, data visualization skills, pivot table mastery, and macro expertise, making you an Excel power user. The courses offer 35 challenging practice files to enhance your skills.

    Our Excel Dashboarding Course focuses on creating captivating dashboards that effectively convey data insights. You'll master visually appealing charts, data connections to various sources, and interactive dashboards.

    The course includes five dashboard projects from scratch :

    • Ideal for business analysts, data scientists, and data-driven professionals
    • Connects dashboards to various data sources
    • Elevate your data presentation and visualization skills
    • Focuses on Excel Dashboarding with charts and projects
    • Craft compelling, powerful dashboards that showcase your data

    About The Course Creator :


    A Microsoft certified Excel Expert (MO 201) with extensive experience spanning over a decade in the Recruitment and Analytics Industry. Possesses a deep understanding of Excel's versatile applications across various organizational contexts, backed by a solid track record in tutoring for more than 13 years.

    Kadhiravan Jayachandiran
    Founder of KultureHire

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