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    Creating Full-Stack Applications with MERN : A Comprehensive Guide

    Construct complete React.js applications in tandem with Node.js, Express.js, and MongoDB (MERN) through this project-centric course

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    • (4.6) Rating | 19,126 students
    Price : Rs 3,199
    Language : English | Spanish
    Duration : 8 Weeks | 1hour/day

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    A Comprehensive Guide : Full-Stack Applications with React, Node.js, Express, and MongoDB

    Construct complete React.js applications in tandem with Node.js, Express.js, and MongoDB (MERN) through this project-centric course

    What you'll learn

    • Master ReactJS integration with NodeJS, Express, and MongoDB.
    • Create a full project from the ground up.
    • Brush up on ReactJS, NodeJS, Express, and MongoDB fundamentals.
    • Acquire skills in implementing Authentication and Authorization.
    • Incorporate File Upload functionality into ReactJS and Node/Express Applications.

    This Course Includes:

    • viedo-image 18 hours on-demand video

      tv-image Access on mobile and TV

    • writing 19 coding exercises

      certificate Certificate of completion

    • article 26 articles
    14 sections   208 lectures  18h 50m total length
    Requirement :
    • Familiarity with ReactJS is essential.
    • Knowledge of ReactJS Hooks is beneficial.
    • Basic familiarity with Node, Express, and MongoDB is recommended but not mandatory.
    • No advanced expertise in React or the MERN stack is necessary.
    Who This Course Is For :
    • Developers with fundamental React knowledge looking to create full-stack applications.
    • Advanced React developers interested in integrating React with Node/Express.
    • Node/Express developers seeking to enhance their backend skills with a modern frontend.

    Description :

    Full-Stack Applications with MERN

    This course is a comprehensive exploration of the MERN stack, consisting of MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js, which collectively empower you to develop impressive web applications. It covers a step-by-step journey through each technology, starting with individual components and culminating in the creation of a cohesive application.

    Notably, the course goes beyond the fundamentals, delving into advanced topics such as file uploads, user authentication and authorization, and diverse deployment strategies. It is instructed by two experienced professionals, Max (React.js, Node/Express) and Manuel (MongoDB), who have combined their expertise to deliver a top-tier MERN stack course.

    The course includes:

    • Refresher sections on core technologies (React, Node, Express, MongoDB).
    • Dedicated project sections for hands-on application of each technology.
    • In-depth theory on the MERN stack and various integration approaches.
    • A comprehensive course project merging all technologies into one application.
    • Detailed deployment guidance for various hosting services.
    • Abundant quizzes and supplementary resources for enhanced learning.

    About The Course Creator :


    As a self-taught professional with a strong instructional background, I excel at simplifying complex concepts and have garnered over 2 million students on Udemy. Co-founder of Academind, I'm dedicated to empowering learners to achieve career growth and success in web development and beyond.

    Maximilian Schwarzm├╝ller
    Professional Web Developer

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